Sunday, August 14, 2011

All things blue

                                                              BLUE JAY

                                              BLUE MORPHO BUTTERFLY

                                                          BLUE BELLS

                                                          BLUE WHALE

                                                         BLUE BERRIES

                                                      BLUE ASHOKA CHAKRA

      About ten years ago I made this for Abi's class teacher. She requested me to make twelve things that are blue , I researched and found twelve things that are blue and then painted them on paper ,then stuck them on cardboard and cut them out. I recently found them in a drawer and thought of sharing it in my blog. These are my six favourite ones , I remember the teacher asking me how I cut them out. I had cut them out with a pair of scissors and a blade in some places. Now I wonder how I could have done it so neatly.I have placed them on one of my favourite hand made paper to photograph.


Baukje said...

your work always looks fantastic and you make such beautiful creations!
Greetings Baukje

Miss Syaz said...

Blue is my favourite colours..They're gorgeous Suganthi..

Iskrica said...

Blue is my favourite color. Like see, like sky, like star in one serbian lovely poem...