Monday, February 20, 2012

Recycled ribbon flower


   Hi, I am back with a simple flower from recycled ribbon.. Me and my husband volunteer a lot and badges like these are plenty around our home. Yesterday my husband brought this badge home. I decided to do something with the ribbons. 

  When I removed the red colour ribbon it was heavily stapled to the base , and it had folds like this.

        I sewed the folds together with white thread so it shows well in the picture and also  because I felt too lazy to change the thread in my sewing machine. But then it does not show as you'll see.

        I cut a round base as big as the flower in want and then rolled the ribbon with the right side inside.

        Apply a good amount of glue to the paper and the ribbon and stick the ribbon to the circle.

        Spread the outer ribbon to the circular paper base. I placed a small box on top to keep the ribbon in place,not to worry the flower does not lose its ruffles .

        I made this flower for the Arathi thattu I am planning to decorate. Since the finished work is usually not saved, It is a good idea to recycle as much as we can.

     Thanks for stopping by.