Friday, February 19, 2010

Akhil's hospital

This is a picture drawn by my 12 year old son Akhil. It is his idea of how his hospital would be. He is very creative and has great imagination. He never refers to any picture ,
He has used oil pastels for colouring.

crowd in a temple.backdrop

This is a picture I loved making. We have used it twice in our Golu.

chidambaram temple back drop

I used water colours sketchpens and oil pastels for highlighting the shapes in the kopuram.

kitchen back drop

when we are working for the Golu, each year we have a different subject. we try to reuse lot of stuff we have saved from previous years .But a lot of work does remain , it gives us, some of the members inclined towards art and crafts an opportunity to do something new. This is a back drop of a cooking scene.
I have referred comic books like tinkle and other story books for inpiration.

Monday, February 15, 2010

kolam for Zee

pencil shading


pencil shading


This I made for Avvai Golu.With thermocol and hand made paper for roof.
I made all three layers separately and stick them one on top of the other.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Arathi thatu

The base for this plate is a old silk saree . The butterfly is cut from thermocol and then gold paper is stuck on it and then decorated with bling.

Arathi thatu

 The base for this plate is handmade paper. I just stuck a lot of glitter balls. White ones for the heart and the center circle , and colour balls for the rest. This looks really brilliant when the lamps are lit on them.

Arathi thatu

           The base of this plate is an old silk saree. Gold colour thick paper was cut and rolled to make the rectangles and the center square and then the entire plate was decorated with sequins  and bling.

Arathi thatu

      These are flowers made from handmade paper. I just cut petals of equal size and rolled the end and stuck them together to make a flower. The center is a white marble. The space in the center of the plate is for the lamp.

Arathi thatu

       Old bangles were stuck together and bling were added to them. The rest of the decorations were done with glitter balls. The center piece is a palanquin made with beads.Small doll of bride and groom is to be placed inside and lamps are lit inside the bangles.

Arathi thatu

First I covered the plate with an old silk saree , as I have done with all my arathi thattu . I cut a circle from handmade paper and then with the help of a paper cutter cut out the shapes from the paper. I stuck the entire circle on to the plate and then I stuck the diamond shapes cut from the same paper in the gaps and then added a lot of bling.

Arathi thatu

The background is an old silk saree, I cut out circles out of hand made paper and stuck them on it.I handmade the roses from gold ribbon abd stuck them around the circle. Lamps are to be placed in the middle of the four circles.

Arathi thattu

     The background for this arathi thattu is an old silk saree. I cut the zari part of the saree to make the strips and stuck them from tthe edges of the thattu to the center.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Nepali Saraswati

  This year golu at Avvai -Adungai Nangai, that is Saraswati, We made scenes depicting the stories of  Goddess Saraswati. Finally we also showed Saraswati in other countries. Some have retained the name Saraswati like in Nepal. In Burma she is called Thuyathadi and in Japan she is called Ben-tun.

   We made models of Saraswati from other countries that are not available to us. I made this Nepali Saraswati using thermocol and white M-seal( for the face and the robes).