Sunday, August 14, 2011

All things blue

                                                              BLUE JAY

                                              BLUE MORPHO BUTTERFLY

                                                          BLUE BELLS

                                                          BLUE WHALE

                                                         BLUE BERRIES

                                                      BLUE ASHOKA CHAKRA

      About ten years ago I made this for Abi's class teacher. She requested me to make twelve things that are blue , I researched and found twelve things that are blue and then painted them on paper ,then stuck them on cardboard and cut them out. I recently found them in a drawer and thought of sharing it in my blog. These are my six favourite ones , I remember the teacher asking me how I cut them out. I had cut them out with a pair of scissors and a blade in some places. Now I wonder how I could have done it so neatly.I have placed them on one of my favourite hand made paper to photograph.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Quotes on truthfulness .

  A teacher always guides the students to be truthful.

       These were done about seven years ago for my son Akhil's school.

      In the Thirukural we read Thiruvalluvar say that a useful lie is better than a harmful truth. These verses were given to me by Akhil's teacher .

       I have tried to make the paper cutting according to the quotes that I have written on them.

I painted the picture on paper and then stuck them on cardboard then cut them with a big scissor.

     Please click on the images to enlarge.