Sunday, October 31, 2010

Tree tutorial

While working for a Golu many times tree are needed in a scene and this I found is an easy way to make a tree, I have especially made this using bits of themocol that remained from the previous year.


I have used both one inch and two inch thick thermocol to make this tree. First I cut the one inch thick thermocol in the shape shown below.


cut the one inch thermocol in the shape of the stem of a tree( you can draw and cut out the shape and then smooth the sharp edges with a foot scrapper) . 


Place the cut one inch thermocol tree shape on a two inch thick thermocol and trace the outline.

Cut it out and stick it on the one inch shape one on top of the other.

Fix the stem as well and then randomly remove chunks from the thermocol so that the even surface looks like this( you can give this job to your kids who would love to pluck out small bits of thermocol ).

Paint the green part with yellow first and then with two different shades of green.(Unlike me, please spread an old newspaper down first to save yourself from cleaning all the mess)
Paint the bark of the tree brown, let it dry.


kasthurirajam said...


Shama Nagarajan said...

nice blog..lovely work

Emreen said...

THis is lovely... ...Even I would love to pluck bits of thermocol ... ;-) ;-) ...

Miss Syaz said...

This is what is called innovation..Thanks for sharing..

May ART be with you said...


Its a great idea, doesn't even look like its made of thermocol..

Good JOB!!!

-May ART be with you.

Kk Nag said...

Wow!! Awesome use of Thermocol. Excellent and brilliant work.

Kk Nag said...

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